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Just because we were a part of it, doesn’t mean that the story is ours…. We could have been the hero, the bad guy or the victim…. We could have chosen the lines or the lines might have chosen us… Someone might have picked us for the part or we could have signed up…. Doesn’t make us any more or any less special than the canvas…. Our presence will not change the course of a smile nor will it save us from the pain….
I guess what comes through is what’s told…The colours…. Some music maybe…. But not us…. Never us….
Its the story…. Always the story…. And if we’re very lucky, someone might remember us for a fleeting moment later…. Someone might weave our name in a story they tell their friends….. And maybe, just maybe, that’s enough….



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Once there was a game, invented by the British, taken by them and spread across the planet during their conquests, and colonization, and trade treaties with the other powerful nations in the world. Many years from the 18th century, when the game was first played, the game still exists, regulated by global councils across the planet and by national councils within many countries across the world. It is a game beloved by many, a sport with globally highly ranked players, paid in the millions, a sport whose phrases like ‘sticky wicket’ or ‘bowled over’ have become accepted in the local vernacular as slang phrases meaning a lot more than they were intended to mean. This is a post about Cricket, the great game. In India, cricket takes an entirely different meaning than I think it has anywhere in the world. We don’t just follow our favorite players, we worship them. We try to play and bowl like them in our streets.

Being an Indian kid means you have played street cricket plenty, regardless of your social or economic class, or your religious or spiritual affiliations, you have played cricket, at least once in your life if you are an Indian in India. There are a large number of people, who pray to Sachin Tendulkar, or Mahender Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli is a national heartthrob, and idolized by many people. And after the brainchild of L.K. Modi, the Indian Premier League, cricket became more revered than ever before by the Indian Populace, every match had sold out stadiums, the tournaments open to grand ceremonies, with actors and actresses dancing in the limelight, and ministers sitting in their VIP boxes along with corporate giants like Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola. Wrought with advertisement campaigns, truly cricket in India is a game that has now extended far beyond the modest gentleman sport it was.

However, IPL not only brought the T-20 format in the world’s eye, but it also showed the fanatic craze cricket has become to everyone. The game now is much more than two teams playing to win, it is much more than player statistics and money invested, to people cricket has now become more of a fanatic passion than anything else, with city based teams and club matches, a sort of city pride comes into playing each match.

But as happens with all points where a large amount of money concentrates, cricket found gambling very soon in the markets. Gambling being a nationally outlawed activity in the Indian Nation, these rings were obviously criminal in nature, with bookies setting so-called ‘examples’ and bets going viral across the country, even the world. Obviously these intelligent people taking your money and promising you a larger return should you be able to guess accurately about the outcomes of the match, innings, session (5 overs, or 10 overs), over, or even down to the next ball. Bets are even carried out on the bases of which shot would be played, what ball will be bowled next, and as we learnt quite recently, where the towel would be kept by Sreesanth. Innings, sessions, even the next ball I get, I even get the bettings on the type of ball or shot played, but you honestly have to wonder, are you really watching the game as a cricket fan if you are betting on towel placements, and ball grinds. Cause maybe you sold into the Jumping Japand Jampak Jampak ads for the IPL, maybe you sold into the stupidity of it all.

We all know the matches in IPL are fixed, we have known so for a while if you begin to think about it, if you don’t recognize gambling in sports well you are stupid. Any sport played on this planet has someone betting on it. People largely bet to add to the thrill, be it a boxing match, a MMA fight, or a cricket match. And obviously the players are involved, how can they not be, have you seen their mansions, and cars, the glamour and elegance they live in, you have to realize, not only are these men skilled, but they are great strategists, all-rounders, and got selected by the selectors who themselves have been exposed countless times to be biased in their approach, our idols are a lot more than the humble gentlemen we take them to be.

But then lets go back to the spirit in which people took IPL, their team, city, and club. People take it as a cause of pride as I said earlier, as it should be. Its our club, why shouldn’t we, but that pride, those people should be respected, and that respect demands that the game be played as it is meant to be played, with passion, honesty and honor. Not to be a prude here, but if they do just that, they are still plenty rich. They don’t need the money these bookies give them, they don’t need the match-fixing or spot-fixing that they do.

Lets admit it people, we have been had, when we knew we were being had, and now we are angry, because nothings more foolish than being the fool when you know you are being fooled. And that in itself reflects a certain thing this nation has been facing for a while now, and is now trying desperately to break out of, the cycle of being treated like stupid numbskulls by the countries business and political houses.

Also let us tell the cops, it’s good that you are breaking down organized crime in the city, but please start working on the unorganized crimes as well, petty theft, robbery, rape and other such crimes that are happening at a breathtaking rate and are crippling the sense of national pride in people.

And to Mr Ajit Chandila and Mr Ankeet Chavan, I think in prison they might ask you to do more than merely tuck towels and turn wrists, and Sreesanth, our friendly emotional cricketer, who is supposed to have great skills at showing his humble humanity and childlike passion on the field and off, I doubt dropping tears on twitter would help you now, I think you should respect the country and give us the information you have on the international criminals you have been talking to. A little more info than your cousin might help. It might help put a lid on a lot more than match fixing and spot fixing in our favorite sport. Or you can cry on twitter, and see if that works, either way, in prison, Im sure someone would make you their bitch.

Last but not the least, To BCCI, seriously, this is an honest cry from the nation, from Mohammad Azharuddin in 2000, now to Sreesanth in 2013, shape up, or ship out. Respect the sport the people love,or don’t put your dirty hands into the mix.

Politics and News

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In this country the politics of the country is run by the few elected old men, who got elected because of false promises made repeatedly to the people. These men are not answerable to the many they represent, or for lack of a better word, rule. Nomatter how many crimes they commit the maximum they get is a conviction, which is soon followed by indefinite attempts to secure bail for them by their party people.

 Why is the system so corrupt?

 Why do these people have no respect for the constituencies they represent?

 Why do we respect the legalities of a system which doesn’t respect us?

All valid questions and all potent questions. Not just these but many more exist in the hearts and minds of people who want to be able to go out and say I am an Indian and be proud. Yes, many would argue that you should be proud, that being an Indian is an honor, but really is it?

We have a history that is one of the oldest in the world, our country used to be filled with natural resources, it used to have rivers running across its lands, used to have forests which were lush and green and miles across in size. Our natural prestige and archeological history is a constant reminder of what we ought to be, but we sadly aren’t.

Today’s India is not proud but is discontent, rabidly discontent and the dangerous bit is that it’s not without reason. People sit at home seething in a sort of cold fury against a system that is unrelenting in robbing us blind, raping our women and providing no bit of protection to us, its citizens. People at a point in the recent past, after the Nirbhaya case organized a dangerous near anarchic movement, which was patriotic in nature, people shouted with Indian flags strapped over their shoulders or raised high in the sky, “We want justice”. It was an unprecedented action by the Indian populace, an action truly testimonial to a democratic nation. But the government did what it always does, it made speeches and promises to table a strong bill in parliament to protect the interests of our women.

 Even when it passed a watered down bill in the parliament, even when it didn’t convict the ministers guilty of rape, sitting in cozy chairs in air-conditioned rooms, the people were hopeful, that at least when my mother or sister or wife or girlfriend walks out the door, she might be secure. But it didn’t work, none of it did. According to a news report published on the 21st of April, 2013, there were as many as 393 rapes in Delhi, the nation’s capital, in the months of February to April alone.

Let’s put rape aside for a minute, it may be hard to, as the problem touches all of us who respect humanity very deeply, but let’s put it aside and talk of something else. The recent take this nation’s cops have taken, to be the moral executioner of what they term as good behavior is a good topic. The girl who got slapped in Ghaziabad two days ago, for allegedly drinking in her house and singing songs with her boyfriend, and then subsequently was slapped by the prudes who called the report in, who were called over by the police to the chowki, you may ask here, What was the crime?

Was she playing the music too loud?

Were they in the house or in a car?

Was she standing in the balcony with her boyfriend naked?

Is having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex a criminal offence?

Is being liberal and exercising ones right to do whatever on one’s own private policy, leased or purchased, a crime?

If this is happening in the national capital reigon, and no stringent action is taken against the authorities, is anyone safe for random policing?

The funny thing is, the cops in Ghaziabad were claiming that they saved the girl from an angry mob, my interjection there, including the interjection of everybody else I believe was, you might have saved the couple, but then you let them get beat up inside the chowki, and then convicted them of public obscenity, a criminal charge, in a case, where even a minor misdemeanor can’t be charged.

I can play all possible arguments out in my mind, Kiran Bedi yesterday said on headlines today, that the cops were protecting that girl from an action which could lead to rape. Now firstly, I never in my wildest of dreams would have pegged Kiran Bedi as a prude, however, even if the cops were protecting the girl, I would like for people, who agree with Ms Bedi, to redefine protection for me, because in all the videos recorded, the girl was publically thrashed, socially denigrated, abused, and while she was sobbing, she was thrashed some more. That wasn’t protection people, that is police brutality right there. Just like the brutality that took place with the ACPs who are suspended, in the case where the police did not want to lodge a F.I.R. for the five year old who was raped.

Evidently suspension from duty is not an adequate punishment, and while our courts hear the cases and deliberate as to what is an adequate punishment, the police of the country is becoming a spate sect, an organization of people, with preset undefined ideals, and the sad part is, that these are the people who have lethal weapons, and the ability to use lethal force without any fear whatsoever.

I ask you now, Where were the police when a six year old girl, in the colony next to ours, was raped by three fourteen year olds and thrown aside?

This is a case that happened recently in Faridabad, in sector 49, a six year old girl was raped as I mentioned, and was thrown aside, some people called the cops and they responded, slowly, by taking her to the hospital. She named the boys who were caught. The boys even confessed to the crime, but their father knew some people in the Hooda administration, he was close to Mr Bhadana, whose goons pressurized the doctor incharge to not let the girl live, who pressurized the police to not take the confession on record. They even went to the extent of telling the family that you cant afford her treatment, let her die. The family was paid money, to let their own living daughter die, and the alternative was more poverty, and possibly death for them too. This proves that we live in a country where there is no police safety, and the politicians who are supposed to be working for the people, who are supposed to prevent exactly this kind of action, do exactly the opposite.

The police in the country does not work for the people, they do not answer to the people, the politicians make policies and bills sitting behind closed doors, beyond which, they have no idea what is truly happening. The disconnect between the ruling classes and the troubled masses is so large, the gap so great, that there is no possible way that they can at this point open their eyes and even make a difference.

 A lot of people have the view that this is how the country is, this is how it has been functioning and this is how it will keep functioning and nothing can be done about it. I would like for these people to look within, and look to a point beyond the ideas or beliefs instilled in them by their families, or their economic strata, and think about what happens in the real life, what exists in the world out there. Politicians and the rich are so disconnected that on one hand they would open the FDI in retail, and allow starbucks, wall mart and other such goliaths open pass at our economy, and on the other hand curse women for wearing what they call ‘suggestive clothing’ which at many times is just a mini skirt and tank top, manufactured by one of those companies that they support, and indulging in what they term as ‘lewd behavior’ which mostly is drinking in one of the pubs that they helped open.

Its amazing that these people don’t even recognize the nature of the market and society that they are helping build, the people who they helped liberalize, there are not two but three Indias in operation in our country. The India of the ruling and rich classes, where the politics doesn’t matter, where the people are content not reading the paper, where the most common topics at parties is the latest movie, and which country to visit next. The India of the middle class, which is plagued by news of rapes, which is fuming at the behavior of the police, which is taxed on purchasing a toothpaste or a pouch of milk, which is at wits end to make sense of the world they live in, working in corporate houses, and constantly going out to turmoil, scandals, and news of how the government is robbing you, the cops are fucking you and the criminals are raping you. Then there is the India of the poor, the tribal, who are robbed by corporate giants because of a beurocratic system that doesn’t work, where the collectors sell of their lands after accepting bribes, where the corporates pollute the atmosphere because they don’t agree to government norms, which when complained against, take no action, instead they pay of the government with a larger bribe, and then the government and these business houses make it a point to silence these poor people and suppress the others who may rise up again.

How to bridge the gap?

Its very simple, and is being done as we speak, protest, make your voice heard, shout at the government and the institutionalized patriarchy of the old, live as a liberal free Indian, cause its your right, and anybody who tells you to do otherwise, if it’s a government official, remember in that moment, that the constitution of this country was made for the people, with the ideals of democracy, and it is stated by that democracy, that these government officials are your servants.

We Indians tend to be forgetful, we let things pass, and let them slide idly by, this time, let it be known, we are the Impatient, we are the liberal, we are the many, and they are the few who are supposed to serve our needs, and ensure that our country rises up and beyond this patriarchy in society, that our country is a productive, forward thinking, strong willed nation of people with the will to take it forward and make it shine!!

Be proud to be who you are, be proud to be human, and be proud to be Indian, cause in that you are justified, right and true to your nature, and anybody who stops you from being so, and living free, needs to realize what India is.

We have a moral backbone, today if you ask college or school students if men are better than women, only a small minority might say yes, and that minority will be laughed at for doing so. Any Indian would agree that rape is a heinous crime, any Indian  knows that murder is a crime, that robbing is wrong, its our virtues, deeply ingrained in our soul. We live by them, because if we didn’t, judging by what the police is, and how much they really like to work, this country would be anarchic in all forms.

 Be you, Be human, Be proud to be an Indian, and then go that one step farther and ensure the government knows what it means to be an Indian


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You know what splits me up,
What makes me want to really give up
On my brain and my hearts thoughts
Their senseless, pointless, rambling shouts

Its been an argument for the last ten days
Between my head and heart, I feel dazed
One says he misses her, even after all she has done
Another says it hates her for all the pain that’s come

The only difference between last time and now
Is that she told me why she is letting me down,
And I got to have her closer around,
For a bit longer than the last time now

But all of that makes me hate her more
I didn’t expect anything from her soul
But the fact that she wont leave me like before
Yet she still did that, left me to my sorrow

Yes it hurts, it boils up inside
The anger, the pain, the punch to my pride
The feeling of calling yourself stupid twice
Disappointment in yourself, your own eyes

But then I guess it had to happen
It wasn’t wrong to hope as I’d done
I just looked at her with starry eyes
I gave her love, hope, I tried

So what if it didn’t work out
It never was going to, I had no doubts
Hope is good for a happy soul
I guess I should hope some more

I hope she regrets what she’s done
Not for guilt but for loosing someone
Who would have been a good friend to her
And always lent a helping hand when she needed one

I hope I never make this mistake again
Date when I have nothing to gain
I just knew I was gonna be crushed again
I hope I never do such a blunder again

Yes I hope to learn from the day
That she told me she was going away
I hope to remember what she is
If she comes waltzing back again

So that I can tell her clearly
To f**k off and stay clear of me
Cause I don’t want her anymore
She will never be my paramour

A curious moment

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What can I do best?
I ask myself everyday
Can I write or can I read
Or understand science or pray

Am I supposed to build things
So beautiful and mesmerising?
That their pure brilliance
Sets people in a daze thats blinding

Or am I to write poems
So simple and melodious
That connect with every soul
And set moods to serious

Should I become gods man
And pray in his temples
Become a priest devoted
To easing peoples fears

Or do I just speak
And argue peoples futures
Manage the lives around me
And give mine some purpose

Or should I smoke the funny
And fall in love again
Oh how tempting it is
To float in the skies again

Should I or shouldn’t I
Questions all around
I guess Ill smoke the funny
Till the answer comes around


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Lying down alone under the fan,
Lost in his thoughts was the man.
Thoughts about the old and the new,
Innovations in the worlds view.
A wayward comment crosses his mind,
About a minister’s scam on The Times,
then he turns his thoughts and views,
To the corruption reports in the news.
Too corrupt is the government today,
When humanity needs to seize the day,
To grow, and evolve from petty issues,
And build the planet in our beautiful hue.
In reality this man is new,
He has yet to take part in the workers crew,
In his heart and mind he may be strong,
But he knows not the irony of his thoughts.
He speaks a life and lives another,
The disease that many seem to suffer,
In his mind he says Im strong,
One day Ill show them how they are wrong.
The day that never seems to come,
On that day I’ll show them what they have become.
Yet the day goes farther away,
Until the man’s dreams fall to decay.
The same decay the system faces,
Of earning and surviving through life’s many races.
As he grows old and frail the man,
Sits and thinks under the old fan,
Thoughts about the old and the new,
The part he played in the worlds view
He remembers the scams, the claims and the fights,
The achievements and the prizes of his life.
And then the man begins to understand,
The irony of his youthful demands.
He had become what he thought was wrong,
He now understood why the world is strong,
In this world if you work hard and true,
Then you do paint a future in a beautiful hue.
A smile then came to the old face of the man,
As he went to sleep under the fan